Keeping You Active

You work hard, you play hard…You want to do stuff. You run, train, climb, whack pucks and hit balls. You want to keep up with the kids, the dogs and the world.

Keeping You Active

Our mission at Hillhurst Therapeutic and Sport Massage is to keep you doing what you love no matter what that is…

Keeping You Active

We treat clients of any age, any activity and of any level. All sessions are geared towards the individual. Let`s keep you out there!

Keeping You Active

Life has injuries. Old ones, new ones, big ones, small ones and painful ones. Making massage therapy part of your rehab helps decrease pain and downtime. Let`s increase flexibility and prevent new injuries!

Keeping You Active

Life has stages, ups and downs. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress/anxiety, increase rest and immunity and improve your overall physical and mental game. Let`s keep you going!

Hillhurst Massage – Therapeutic & Sports Massage Specialists NW Calgary

Our focus at Hillhurst Massage is to help your body achieve balance between work and play. By decreasing muscular tension, increasing flexibility, and strengthening your body, you can live a pain-free “active” lifestyle. We specialize in therapeutic/deep tissue massage therapy treatments for:

• sports injuries
• work-related tension/stress
• overuse injuries(tendonitis)
• headaches, tmj, sinus congestion
• sciatica/ it band syndrome/ plantar fascitis
• pre/postnatal
• reflexology

Therapeutic & Sports Massage

Lymphatic Drainage


Myofascial Cupping

Shockwave Therapy

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